Looking for good Property Management Companies in South Jersey

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Hi All,

I currently own two rental properties in South Jersey which I self manage.  I am looking to expand my portfolio and purchase more rental properties, however, my goal is to make my portfolio more passive income rather than self managing.  Can anyone suggest any good property management companies that service the South Jersey (Camden County) area.  

Hey Allen, I can definitely relate to your struggle with finding a good property manager in South Jersey. My wife recently interviewed a few new property managers for that area and our favorite company so far is SureWay (Mike Williams = owner). If you do contact him, would you mind letting him know that we recommended him? (He would know my wife's name- Steph) Good luck in your search! If you come across any other property managers that you like, please let me know the company name so I can give them a call too!

@Michael Celona Thanks for the recommendation Michael.  I actually interviewed a Property Mgt company called Realty Solutions out of Audubon, NJ.  They seemed to be very professional.  They charge 1 months rent for tenant placement, a 9% monthly fee, they do not add any additional fees if they need to send a contractor out for repair, and they also have an RE attorney as part of their team who would handle evictions in they event one was needed.  When I interviewed them they said that you can use their services al la carte.  So if the landlord wants to place the tenant themselves they can, and if the tenant wants to use their own contractor(s) they can, etc.  They seem to be very good.  

I will def give SureWay a call as well and I'll make sure to let them know that you and Steph recommended them.  Thanks Michael!

@Allen Chai Thanks for the information on Realty Solutions! Their setup sounds similar to SureWay's (a la carte, 1 month fee for placement of tenant, no markup on contractor services), although SureWay's monthly management fee is slightly lower at 8% and they don't have an in-house attorney (but they have a standing relationship with one for any legal issues, evictions, etc).

Hi, I also looking for property management in South New Jersey. Just wondering, how did it go and which one did you end up using? I'm starting to feel stress out trying to find a good one. Please give me some advice and feedback on your experience. Thank you. 

SureWay is the way to go. Mike has a long-standing history as a property manager. You'll be in good hands.

Thank you Andrew for replying back. I just contacted them, still waiting for them to reply back.

I’ve also been attempting to find a reputable PM company to oversee my units. What I’ve found in my search is that you have to read the fine print within your contracts. There appear to be fees for everything! If your tenant, who you placed and is currently living in your unit continues at the end of their term, you pay the PM for that. I attempted to have the PM company oversee only one of my units as a “test run” to see if they’d be a good fit and they weren’t as eager to work with me and my rates changed. When they thought they were getting my entire portfolio at once it was a different story. Eventually I’ll hire a PM but I need to find the right one. So far the only ones who I’ve been in contact with have been Reality Solutions and another smaller company owned by Reality Solutions. Don’t get me wrong, what the company offered was great but I want to get a PM who comes highly recommend. If you find success with a company please post your experience. I’ll reach out to that other company mentioned here too. Thanks.

Thank you for the feedback. So far, Realty solutions is the only one I got that cover the area for my property, that offer great service. I wish I have more to compare. As for sureway, they don't cover the area that my property located.

I work for Weichert and we have in house Property Management run by Dianna Dimasi in the Cherry Hill location. She is great to work with and very knowledgable. Please just let her know I passed it along if you guys call, thanks.


You won’t go wrong with Mike. I’ve worked with him and he’s awesome. 

@Michael Brattelli you mentioned your agency has an in house PM. Can you elaborate on that? Is she from an outside agency or does your agency offer clients PM if they use your realtors to list rental properties?

@Steve Boianelli Yes, there is no outsourcing, it's all done through Weichert. I do not believe you need to use our Realtors to list the properties but you would have to check with our PM team for exact details. I'm in the medford office, feel free to stop by any time to talk.

If you're still looking maybe talk to SlateHouse Group. 

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