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Hello, I am new to RE and eager to learn the ropes. I have been trying to self-educate for a about a year now and one of my first resources was Bigger Pockets. In addition to this, I recently took a job with a Real Estate Appraisal company hoping to learn more about the business. While the job wasn't necessarily what I expected it does provide the opportunity to go to many towns in NJ and walk the neighborhoods one property at a time. In doing this, I come across properties that I would think investors may be interested in. Some of them are vacant, FSBO, abandoned, fixer-uppers, etc. I am wondering if anyone would be interested in receiving this information in exchange for the opportunity to learn from them while pursuing these same properties. I figured this would be to an investor the same as having someone "driving for dollars" for them. I would provide the address of the property, condition and pictures would be willing to assist in obtaining any publicly available info (that would be my learning part). Am I on to something here? Would this provide value to investors/flippers/anyone?

Hey @Bernon Fernandez ,

Welcome to BP! Looks like you're doing something right. What are you trying to do in real estate? Flip? Buy-Hold?

I joined the brokerage I'm in now because of the opportunities to work with many seasoned investors and flippers. If you're interested in grabbing coffee and talk real estate, feel free to hit me up! (I am in Jersey City most of the time.)

Best of luck!

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