Raritan Bay Shore towns

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I'm curious to know if anyone is investing in the shore towns along the Raritan Bay from say, South Amboy to the Atlantic Highlands.  I know this whole area was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, but so was my town 30-40 minutes south and we are fully back and better than ever.  I like the area for a few reasons: The people that live there seem to be solid working class folk with a strong sense of communnity, access to the Parkway is easy,  every store you could possibly need is on Rte 35, the schools seem good, and it's probably an amazing place to live in the summer.

Does anyone have experience investing here or have any insight they would be willing to share?


The problem with most of those areas is that they were never all that desirable prior to Sandy. Keyport, Highlands, etc. You would have a real nice waterfront / view home on one lot, surrounded by run down shacks on 3 sides. '

I am sure there is ample opportunity for investement, but due diligence required.

Atlantic Highlands is probably the most desireable of the areas, with some amazing views atop the hill overlooking the bay and Manhattan 

Never understood why this area developed the way it did. We discovered Union Beach this summer while looking for a restaurant, really cute little town with potential, has the nicely maintained Henry Hudson trail running through it (popular for running, hiking and biking), a pretty waterfront with views of Staten Island and Manhattan and some nice houses and townhouse developments near the water. Much of the rest of the town is dumpy, older homes on tiny lots, poorly maintained, ugly. Still some Sandy houses sitting waiting for rehab, too. Highlands is the same--you would expect million dollar homes but there is actually a trailer park right on the water! Once people can afford a nicer home or larger lot, they tend to move out of those areas and the local demographic does not change. My husband says absolutely no to anything that requires flood insurance but I would love to find somewhere to invest at the Jersey Shore. Probably too dicey now with climate change though.