NJ Door Closers for multifamily

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Hi NJ friends, I know my front common entry door needs a door closer. Does every exterior door need a closer on 3+ units or is it just common entry doors? Any other advice or prep tips for state inspection would also be greatly appreciated.


Apartment front and back exit doors need to be self closing.  House front exit door needs to be self closing and self locking.  I believe the house back exit door only has to be self closing. i dont have any self locking back doors

@Robert Mooney THE last comment hit the nail on the head, you'll also want to make sure that you have these things buttoned up as Ive seen people fail often for these small violations (from state or fire inspection)

-Look for small safety hazards like loose railings and steps

-Have the right hard wired smoke/carbon detectors (10 year sealed)

-Make sure that exit flood lights work

-Make sure emergency egress is free of debris/clutter