South Jersey Investor - Looking To Grow

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Good Morning BP SJ NJ Community!

I'm looking to continue to grow my portfolio and want to network with a few SJ Wholesalers, Retiring Landlords, Agents, and people who may know their neighbor wants to sell their ugly house :) 

Just reaching out and want to say hi - and if you know of any deals I'm happy to try and work on acquisitions.

Have a great day! I wish I could make a few local meets but they're held on weekdays. I'm from South Jersey but live near Baltimore. If anyone would like to do coffee/drinks on a weekend when I'm in SJ visiting family I would love to get together!

I'm looking or Buy/Hold in any condition


Hello Christopher, I just moved to south Jersey not too long myself. I’m originally from Pennsylvania but I would do a meet and greet for coffee etc. I’m also looking for good deals in area myself.

@Christopher Bell

Hey Christopher,

I’m actually selling one of my portfolios. Have 7 condos left in this portfolio. Properties are in sicklerville, pm me if interested

Hello for all who are interested I represent a seller that is retiring he has several properties in his portfolio, many of his properties are in Essex County, many will be posted in the market place before the end of the week. None of the propertiesare being sold for pennies on the dollar they are not fixer uppers, many are occupied and will not be delivered vacant, many are not ideal for house hacking. If you're looking for traditional cash flowing properties that you would like to own as an absentee owner feel free to reach out