Investing in Monmouth County, NJ

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Hello all,

First time long time here. I am a 15+ year contractor working in tandem with a 20+ year RE Broker on the acquisition of  investment properties to flip. I am looking to grow my network.



Originally posted by @Michael Dasilva :

@Rick Estacio Hey Rick, I am exclusively in SFH long term rentals. My average tenant has been with me for 3-4 years. I see you have a property in Long Branch as well. Would be interested in the type of rental you are operating.

That’s great. Long term tenants = truly passive income.  Nice.

I'm focused on SFH's only as well. Currently finishing a gut renovation on a SF personal vacation home, but also will be closing next week on a SFH in LB I plan to rent out. Really debating long term vs STR right nowX. The rates for Airbnb and monthly summer rentals in Long Branch are so good right now, I'm leaning toward the summer rental (June to end of September) then winter rental (October to end of May) model.

@Rick Estacio  

Yes, I have focused more on SFH long term rentals due to the reduced management and the properties tend to experience less wear and tear. I feel that my rental prices are also above market rate. I am a little interested in how a STR would compare to my standards lease terms. I would love to compare models some time. I am seeing that there are at least a few People on here operating or interested in the Long Branch area. Might be a good idea to organize some sort of meetup to get perspective on the area.