Westchester eviction cost

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Hi Biggerpockets. I am about to close on a small multi-family (2 units) in White Plains and I just wanted to know how much average lawyer cost, court fees and how long evictions in the area would be. Thanks for any feedback!

Hello @Robert Chen  I cant help you with the actual cost of the eviction, but my advice is to try to work it out with the tenant as i did. I needed to empty one of the units of a 4 family, i recently purchased in peekskill. I had the legal paper work mail to the house and then had a conversation witht the tenant and we aggred that for the last month he would only give me half of the rent as he explain he needed it for security deposit of the new place he want to move to, I figured  instead of wasting time in court i rather earn alittle less that  month but the tenant left with no problem.  and now im in the middle of remodeling.

@Eder Aldana Thanks for the advice and that would definitely be my first course of action too. I would like to include this cost in my financial projections though. Unfortunately I had to deal with multiple evictions already and I don't expect evictions to disappear in real estate investing any time soon. Congrats on working it out with the tenants, it's definitely the best way.