Finding a free meetup location in NYC

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I'm looking for a free conf. room to use in NYC to host a multifamily investment meetup. I'd like to present some educational materials to a group of 20-ish people. Ideally I can partner with a local RE broker or Agent that would benefit from a room full of prospects. I need a room for tomorrow 2/28 night. 

@JP A.

From my experience, it will be tough to find a room on such a short notice. What I have done for my meetup (and you're welcome to join us) is went on meetup and created a group. Then on certain days they offer a free room through we work. You can try that but I doubt they will have one for tomorrow. 

@JP A.

You may be able to connect with a bar that you think has space to hold your event.

It may not be the best environment if you are trying to provide education materials as you can't control the sounds from other groups but it can be free if you suggest your guests to order a drink to compensate the bar for hosting.