Looking to assemble team in Charlotte, NC

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I'm looking to assemble a team for purchasing and managing rentals in Charlotte, and would greatly appreciate referrals for realtors, property management etc that you've had good experience with.

I'm planning to start with 1 SFH, and then gradually build a portfolio. Also, I live in the bay area, so experience working with out-of-state investors would be highly preferable.



@Jashua Gupta I live in Charlotte and and a new-ish investor. I would be interested in possibly partnering on an SFH. Good deals in Charlotte are hard to find at the moment and heavily competitive. That said I would be happy to discuss specific areas and answer any questions, I'm very familiar now with the various areas/ zip codes.

I work on a great real estate team that has lots of experience with investors. Depending on location I may be able to help with property management referrals as well. My husband is also a licensed GC who works primarily for investors doing fix and flips as well as getting properties ready for rental. Message me if you would like to connect. 

I own a property management company with THE BEST resources available for managing residential, commercial and vacation/corporate rentals. I'd love to talk to you if that's what you're looking for. You can see my contact information in my profile.