Allstar property management Cleveland

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Hello BP Members!

I am based in Toronto and I own a property in the east end of Cleveland.

 I am looking for a reliable property management   company to replace Sellers property  that shut down .

I spoke with Allstar Management and they sound nice and reasonable. I couldn't find much feedback online on them so i was wondering if any one worked with them or know of them here?

Thanks so much!


I use Cleveland Property Management Group, but their service has fallen off since Keller Williams bought them a few years ago, so I can't recommend them. I am also in the market for a new management company and would like feedback on Allstar.  

I met with a member of Allstar management team today and was very satisfied and appreciate their quick response to a meet me on a pretty short notice. The individual was very helpful and professional. I also had online & phone correspondence with property management and likewise received very professional and helpful feedback and on very short notice. Thanks to both!

I have some good recommendations on Allstar from other investors.  BUT they have crazy cancellation fees in their PMA (one month's rent + the fees that would have been earned for the rest of the term of the lease in place).  Never seen anything this high before in any PMA I've reviewed....

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