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Hi all, I've got some opportunities in Sandusky, OH and wanted to know if anyone has worked in that area. I'm having a hard time online finding contractors and property managers with good reviews. Just wondering if anyone has worked in that area and what their experiences have been, any referrals appreciated.

Thank you,


@Daniel Shahmoradian

Use the local resources, call a broker in the area and get some local referrals.  The brokers that also manage rentals, would be a good choice, because they work with contractors to repair rentals and those contractors are used to working with investors.  

Also, the broker may be able to oversee the project or have someone who can PM the project for you.

Either way, nothing to loose by calling.

Hope this helps.

Jeff V

Hi Daniel, 

I'm also a local investor in rentals in Sandusky, OH.  I also just obtained my real estate sales licensure, so I'm officially selling properties as well as investing in the area.  Please let me know if you'd like to talk, text, or learn more about buying in the area. 


I'm from San Francisco and have 2 rentals in sandusky. It's a tough market because quality of tenants, hard to build a team to trust (contractor,handyman,PM) and the deals are basically C or worse neighborhoods.

i am doing OK there after a tough full rehabs even though I made my own contacts there. I would buy another property there, but I visit once a year since my inlaws are there and I know the area .

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