Contractor Referrals - Beavercreek, OH

6 Replies

Hello, does anyone have a general contractor they could recommended in the Greater Dayton area? Right now specifically Beavercreek, Ohio?

Thank you! 

@Darrin Carey Thanks for the invite I was actually planning on attending. I could really use local contacts in all aspects so I look forward to coming out and networking.

@Adrien Hebert , I don't have any contractor recommendations, but I can recommend the meet up. My wife and I attended october's event last monday and it was very helpful. Lot's of good people and good talks.  I highly recommend attending.

@Darrin Carey just wanted to reach out and say thanks for the invite and for hosting the event. I was able to attend and talk to others who are doing some interesting things in the local market. It was very beneficial and I look forward to the next one. Also, I'm looking for chances to get involved in the community so if you need any help id be happy to volunteer.

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