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I’ve gotten some conflicting answers on this, but I’d think it’s a pretty straightforward question: Are there wholesalers in Oklahoma? I’ve been told yes, maybe, and no because they are illegal(?!). That last one seems unlikely, but I’ve also heard stranger things.

Yes, there are wholesalers in OK. Check out Tyler Weinrich here on BP

Yes, there are wholesellers in Oklahoma, not all of them are good, probably more than half of them don't even know what they are doing, but you will have better chances to find a good wholesaler here in BP than anywhere else. so yeah check out Tyler Weinrich like Zack mentioned before.

There are good and bad wholesalers in Oklahoma. Most of the high-volume wholesalers are getting a premium for their deals and sometimes they are buying them and "wholetailing" them. 

The market will change with the housing bubble and wholesalers will be less valuable as bank own properties "REO's" will be the low hanging fruit, per the investor buyer perspective (just like what happened in 2008). One of the reasons we are teaching our agents to be ready for the change.

Wholesaling in OKC isn't illegal if you use the correct language in your contract "and/or assigns" on the buyer line. I am not a legal advisor and you should seek advice from your attorney...just in case.

OREC Oklahoma Real Estate Commission is looking into the possibilities of making Wholesaling a licensable activity. I won't go into it much here since it'll be 10,000 words long, ha. It's been tabled recently but it is in the future discussions. Agents are going nuts over this! 

  • Check out local wholesalers Speeedy House buyers (some of my past students). 
  • Best to come to the LOCAL REIA and meet active wholesalers. Millionaire Possibilities is a great place to meet experienced investors.
  • Plenty of Meetups with all levels of experience. 

Hope that helps.


@Josh Weber I don't have to live there to know wholesalers are there. Others have given you suggestions on finding them, you can also go to local meetups, I'm sure you will meet at least one.

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