How do I get Kindle books purchased here in Kindle in my Tablet.

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Simply follow these steps:

1) Google the question and spend the rest of the day wading thru conflicting advice.

2) YouTube search the same and spend half of tomorrow watching mostly irrelevant videos that almost, almost but not quite, explain the needed proceedure.

3) Spend the remainder of tomorrow watching funny cat videos.

4) Locate a minor aged 7 thru 14. Approach cautiously. Verify that parent or legal guardian is attending said minor.

5) Verify that child is "typically developing" (this is the politically correct term for a child who is not developmentally disabled).

6) Obtain parental permission to attempt verbal interaction with
the proto-human in their care. If permission is given then proceed to attempt to get the vertically challenged, age diminished individual to look up from their smart phone.

7) Using Gender Neutral language verify if the child has shifted their attention from their phone to you. The phrase "Hey kid, you know anything about computers and **** like that?" is commonly used to reach cross the vast generational wasteland that separates you.

8) Responses from the child such as:

"Yo, whatever", "f*** yeah", "maybe", or a monosyllabic gutteral grunt that somehow conveys that you now have their attention for approximately the next 12 seconds are all indicative that you should proceed.

9) Explain the technical details of the specific software function that is non operable on your device. Use the following format: "My (name the device)) don't work, and (present device to child) I even turned it off and rebooted and..." (you may stop speaking if you wish as child no longer recognizes your existence).

10) Look over the child's shoulder while nodding and mumble "hmm, yes, of course" as their fingers fly across the screen with incomprehensible speed.

11) When child returns fully functioning computer device to you say "Thank you" which will provide the child the opportunity to show their social development by responding appropriately.

12) Translate their response with the following "Millennial Tween to Clueless Adult" dictionary.

"No problem" = You're welcome.

"No worries"  = You're welcome.

"Sure" = You're welcome. 

"Anytime" = You're welcome.

"Whatever" = You're welcome. 

"Later" = You're welcome. 

"Doof" = You are such a doofus.