bucks / montgomery counties

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Hi all.  I am currently (and always am) in the market for fix and flips in Bucks and montgomery counties.   If there are any wholesalers with a deal or rehabbers with too much on their plate please do not hesitate to contact me !!

Hi seems like u are doing well in bucks . Where are u focusing. We are starting out and have put an number of offers in the lower bucks area. Ultimately we would also like to do small apartment building

Hey Greg!  I'm a rehabber and reluctant wholesaler in Montgomery, Berks and Chester.  I say that because I couldn't find enough great deals to satisfy me, so I decided I'd have to market and get my own.  (By the way, I totally respect wholesalers.  The marketing expense STINKS!)  The byproduct of that is that I've got more stuff than I can (or want) to handle. I'll PM you with my info. ;)

@Greg Behan I am new to real estate but would love to connect about opportunities. What types of properties are you looking for? I have been analyzing some deals in central bucks and think there are some great options. With your contractor knowledge, I think talking would be great.