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I'm just looking for a referral for a good real estate attorney in the Harrisburg, PA area. I am fairly new to real estate investing and I would like to have some contracts reviewed and some questions answered. I would prefer someone who mainly deals with real estate law and real estate investors. Any referrals are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

@Joe P.
Have you tried asking your contract questions on BP? You might get most of them answered for free. Lawyers give plenty of good advice but it’s like $250/hr...

I have an attorney that I use sparingly but it’s probably about 45 minutes from you. I believe @Travis Wylie might have a recommendation for you that is closer to Mechanicsburg or Carlisle I believe.

Side note: would you mind sending me a PM? Just read your profile and I’m intrigued to learn a bit about land investing...

(I’m on my phone and PM is not working for some reason)

Thanks @Kyle M. !  I have asked some questions on here but in many cases it seems difficult to get a straight answer.  I typically get different answers of which I don't know which one to trust or "it depends so talk to a lawyer"  

I used Dethlefs-Pykosh Law Group in Camp Hill. Darrel Dethlefs was recommended to me by someone else on bigger pockets. 

I use a personal friend, but he also has a title business and is familiar with real estate las as he has and manages rentals himself.  His name is Adam Deluca of Allied Attorneys in Carlisle, Pa. Send me a PM and I’ll send his info. This site doesn’t let me post any replies with email or phone numbers in it. 

David Lanza.  He does primarily real estate law in the area.

To add to what @Jacob Gildea said, David Lanza attends the CARPOA REIA meetings first Thursday at Camp Hill Giant and gives free consultation at the meetings for members, one of the benefits of membership.

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