Short term rental, lancaster pa

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@Mike Rose

Hopefully there are people from Lancaster, PA who can give you greater insight but after visiting Lancaster a few times myself, I don't believe it is a town you would want to invest an Airbnb in.

1. It is landlocked, there are no beaches or large lakes near which would inspire people to stay for days.

2. The attractions like Sight & Sounds and Amish country are for one day excursions.

3. You will be competing with some Bed n Breakfasts out there.

If your Airbnb was near a casino, beach, amusement park, Grand Canyon or anywhere people would want to stay for a couple of days to enjoy themselves then it would make sense. However, most of the attractions are one day exploits. Kind of not make sense to put an Airbnb there and have marginal peak seasons.  

I'd also use an analytical tool like AirDNA to check out the listings in the area and get an idea of the immediate competition you would have on the platform as well as other invaluable insights (quality, pricing, occupancy rates, etc.) to help you decide.