Wilkes Barre, PA General Contractor Referral Request

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Hi All!

I have been investing in the Wyoming Valley for some time now. Love it... originally from the area! Have a steady contractor on my team but picking up another project and can't wait for him to finish his current job before starting this one, hence my post. 

The property is in Plymouth borough, Main Street. Based on my contactor's walkthrough, it won't require a substantial amount of work to get 2/3 units rent ready. The building is vacant so will require a test of all systems. There is also some deferred maintenance that I would like to have addressed while the building is empty. 

Looking for a reasonable and reliable contract with some space on the schedule (is that even a thing for a contractor?)

Many thanks in advance! 

P.s. I am currently in the service but will move back to NEPA in about a year and a half- Planning to go at my real estate ventures full time. Looking forward to it! Please feel free to reach out, would love to sync up with other investors in the area.

- Lee 

Hi Lee, our company does contracting jobs along with home flips, remodels, and property management.  We are very firniliar with Plymouth borough area.  Please feel free to reach out if you have not found anyone yet that meets your needs.  We are located in the back mountain area.