Any investors in Rhode Island?

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Hello everyone, I'm new to BiggerPockets and I'm looking to network with investors in the Rhode Island area. I'm just beginning my journey down the path to REI so if anyone is in the Rhode Island area and would like to share some advice I would truly appreciate it! I'm looking to start off with the wholesaling strategy. Thanks in advance!

Brandon, welcome to Bigger Pockets! Yes there are a few of us here in RI on BP too.

As you may have seen, BP has some excellent resources for wholesaling as well as some entertaining podcasts :)

I also frequently recommend that people seek out a local real estate investor meeting such as RIREIG in RI or Black Diamond REI in southern Mass; I've been to both, and both are information-oriented, great places to network, and don't try to sell you anything.

Besides that, if you have specific questions feel free to post them here on BP of course!

Thank you for the info Anthony! I will be sure to check those links, and plan to attend RIREIG meetings asap! Hope to meet and work with other like minded individuals.

Hi Brandon,

Welcome to BP, there are fa few of us here in RI.  As Anthony said, the monthly RIREIG meetings are great to meet other investors.  If you have not already, I suggest listening to the podcasts here on BP, they are filled with great information.  Also read the blogs and posts.  You will learn a lot from what others say, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Hey Everyone My name is Mike I am a part time soon to be full time Real estate investor looking to network with other investors, lenders, and accounts

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