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I currently live in MA and looking to house hack in Pawtucket. I'm looking for investor realtor to help me buy a multi in the area. The idea is to buy live in for a year, move out and do it again.  Is this a feasible strategy for the area?

I have rental property in Pawtucket. It is a good area for what you are trying to do..   My agent is Chris Lynch,  East Providence RI and is a member

Multi Family Prices are high right now. With the train station in close proximity for Boston commuters it is in high demand. I will send you a private message with contact information for Chris.

@Cecilia Arnulphi I agree with @Jeffrey Bibby that Pawtucket is a hot market with prices up 30-50% from three years ago. There's a lot of speculative excitement about the downtown redevelopment, new Pawsox stadium and train station, how much of that will actually happen is still up in the air. Happy to share any details of our units if it's of interest. 

I own a number of properties in the city, and when purchased properly, it is a productive market.  Prices are inflated at the moment and are closing in on 2007 pricing. 

I'm a realty agent in Mass. @Matthew Charron  Is the realtor I work with out of Warwick. He is familiar with investing as well!

Hello! Did you find your house hack yet?
I am investing (fix n flip) in Ma & RI and buy and hold in other states.
I have a small RE team - Amanda is licensed in RI & Ma.
Check out my bio and DM me if I can help.
Will be forming local ‘BP’ (no selling) RE investment meetup soon.

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