I buy houses in Greer, SC

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@Jason Burr regarding starting an upstate south carolina group, we have actually had two BP meetups in the last two months at Coffee Underground in downtown Greenville. Possibly your keywords didn't catch it, but we have tried to reach out to as many BP members in the area. Problem we have run into now is BP took our posts down for organizing a meetup as we don't have a Pro account. We are working on getting another one organized in the near and will let you know when it gets put together. Good Luck with your investments!

Amen to that, Jason. They were JUST talking about the need for the Upstate forum on the latest podcast (the one with Chad Carson from Clemson).

I can't believe they don't have Greenville/Upstate as a choice!


We hope this note finds you well. I'm reaching out to introduce myself; 

and see if I can be of service to you. Reach out at anytime 24/7. I can be a workaholic 😀.