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Looking for an agent to help me find properties in the North Dallas / Lake Highlands areas. Specifically south of 635. I'm seeking a distressed property with an ARV of around 250K.

If anyone has any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Erik,

I am new to bigger pocket so I am not sure on the rules when it comes to recombining someone. I assume since you asked the question here that allows me to answer it here so here you go. You can try Joe Kacynski at David Bush Realty (214.850.7195). I have purchased two personal and one rental property using him and will continue to work with him as I build my business. I have never used him for flips so he may not be the right guy for that but that would be a question for him. Best of luck and send me a line if I can help in any other way.


@Carey Edmund  Thanks for the recommendation! I wasn't sure either about posting here but was hoping the community could help me out.

@Erik Drentlaw Not a problem. Do you know of any investor groups around town? I have had zero luck finding one.

@Carey Edmund  

 I have been to NTAREI that meets in Richardson.  I have not had much success there but I am not extremely outgoing either. There are several other groups in the area. There was a good post on the different Dallas groups  a while back just try searching it if you haven't already.

@Erik Drentlaw

Thanks and will do!

@Carey Edmund  @Erik Drentlaw Hey guys, just came across this post and wanted to introduce myself. I have yet to purchase my first REI property, but 2015 is going to be my year! I'm on the final step to obtaining my RE license, but I am looking for any and everyone to learn from, as well as help attain their own dreams in the long run.

@Anthony Armstrong  

Welcome to BP. Let me know if I can help in any way. I am new to the process so my help is limited but worse case scenario you can have an additional sounding board.

My name is Kenway Afam Oforeh i just moved to Dallas and i am about to make my first wholesaling deal. . 

I searched for real estate agents in Dallas and i found this site and eventually the forum.

Nice to meet you guys

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Hi @Erik Drentlaw  I am a real estate agent at Coldwell Banker here in Lakewood and can help you find properties in Lake Highlands.  I have also done flips and wholesales before so I understand the investor mindset.


@Carey Edmund  

Check out these two REIA groups. I have attended and recommend both



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