New Texas wholesaler: Trec Sample Doc

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Would anyone please be able to share a sample TREC one to four family contract for wholesaling? I’m just getting started and would like to familiarize myself with these docs. I’m about to embark on wholesaling here in San Antonio and would appreciate anything you guys and gals could provide. Please message me. Thanks so much!

Here is a link to the TREC website for the 1-4 contract and other addenda.  Best of luck with taking on wholesaling.  We are very active in the wholesaling community and I love helping people get started in this.  Feel free to reach out to me with any questions to help you get started.  

Hey @Kenneth Williams , there is not a TREC contract for wholesaling. The one to four family is the standard contract. You can put your name or business name as the buyer but add, "And/or assigns".

Make sure that you let the seller know that you are going to assign the contract though. I just had a propery that I was selling to a Licensed real estate agent. We asked her directly, "Are you the buyer or are you planning on wholesaling this."  She blatantly lied to us and said that she was the buyer.  Of course at the last minute, she backs out and says that her buyer backed out. Pissed me off!!! I dont recommend you do that. 

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