Foundation repairs in South Texas

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What’s up y’all, would like to hear from yalls experience with foundation repair in South Texas. Good/bad which companies you’d recommend and which you wouldn’t. I’m asking cause I’m currently under contract with a house in New Braunfels Texas. I’ve had so far 2 companies send a tech to look at the house and then give me an estimate for repairs. So far I’ve used MitchCo which is based out of San Antonio and I’ve used Superior Foundation Repair out of Austin. There was a 13K dollar difference between the two and a 23 pier difference which they’d be using. Also they both sent diagrams of what they found during the inspection and the diagrams were showing drifferent readings through out the house. Anyway would greatly appreciate any input anyone has through personal experience.

 To get a correct estimate you have to get an engineer out there and they’ll do an report and you take that engineer report and give it to all of the foundation repair companies. Then and only then are you comparing apples to apples. Hope this helps.

@Michael Mullins is there a guarantee that if I do get a engineer out to look at the house and they give me an estimate that a company is forced to go off that? Or is using a engineer just for peace of mind and giving the customer an idea of the severity of the problem? I’m asking cause I’m still in contract and am try to get the seller to help out with either closing cost or foundation repair. See which route to take

I think he's saying it is just to get a "scientific" evaluation on the foundation.  Once you have that, both companies you spoke to before will be looking at the same information as to what needs to be done. As of right now, one company (13k+ people) could be saying more needs to be done than what really is required to fix the problem.  Now down the road that money spent on addition pillars could prevent other problems but that isn't a guarantee.

@Skyler Harris

I would NOT pay for a engineer if you do not own the property. I would however find a high quality foundation company that is well known in your area. Have them come out to the house and give that to the client for a ball park cost of how much it will cost to have it repaired. 

Please also understand that you have to hold off on any painting inside / outside the house until after the foundation is repaired. You will have more cracks near windows and doors inside the house. You also need to adjust your holding cost, because it could take some extra time for them to complete the foundation work. Also have a plumber on call $$$$ to repair the broken pipes because of the foundation moving. 

@Skyler Harris pm me and I’ll give the info to the guy we’ve used in over 13 projects. He provides you with an engineers report as well. Also, he leaves the holes open in case you need to fix plumbing which usually any lift over 3” near plumbing you’ll break something.