Looking for Real Estate Agents

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I am looking for a Real Estate Agent in Texas.

I am interested in Multi-Family Dwelling.

Please message me if you are an agent or if you have connections with agents.


Nickolaus Cabcabin

Originally posted by @Ryan Blake :

@Nickolaus Cabcabin I think you need to be a little more specific. It is a pretty big state.

1. Corpus Christi, Texas 

2. San Antonio, Texas

3. Fort Worth, Texas

4. Houston, Texas

5. El Paso, Texas

Originally posted by @Carl S.:

Hi Nickolaus. I am an agent in DFW, what areas (Metro) are you interested in? 

1. Corpus Christi, Texas

2. San Antonio, Texas

3. Fort Worth, Texas

4. Houston, Texas

5. El Paso, Texas

@Nickolaus Cabcabin

Levi Mills is a great local realtor who focuses on investment property. Very friendly, responsive and has extensive market knowledge (mostly in the fort worth/Arlington area). He works with out of state investors and also works for a turn-key company if that's something you're interested in.

Please message me if you'd like his contact info. 

I would recommend @Kiel Lindsay in Tarrant, Dallas or Denton Counties. He works with investors almost specifically and is an investor himself. They also provide property management services.