Tarrant County Investors! Lets Connect!

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  • I’m looking to connect with investors and wholesaler friendly title companies in Fort Worth and Dallas Texas.  I’m an investor based in Enfield Connecticut and I’m really interested in Texas because I’m looking to invest in properties as well as wholesale there. Eventually I'd love to move there. I’d love to network and offer my help as needed!

Hi Keyana, 

I'd love to connect! I'm an investor in Tarrant County (flips and rentals), a realtor in all of DFW, and my husband and I own a residential remodeling company out of Southlake, TX. 

Please let me know how I can help you get connected in this market! it's a great one :)

Hello @Keyana Crapps - I am currently working a flip in Arlington (one of the cities in DFW and in Tarrant County) and looking to continue with more.  Would love to connect to you and those on this thread as well - I live in Arlington so Tarrant County is my “backyard”.  Lot’s of people moving here!  What you are hearing about the market is probably accurate - it’s a wild one right now.

If you come across a property and want some “boots on the ground” to check it out for you, I would love to help.  Thanks!