Cost To Build New In NOVA

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Hi Everyone!

Does anyone know how much it would cost to build a new 2,000 sq ft home in NOVA? I’m analyzing a lead that has a one acre lot and a house that was damaged by fire.

I'm from Truro, Nova Scotia. In my area, a 2000 square foot house would cost you about 260,000$. Of course that cost could vary widly depending on the house itself.

@Jack Nguyen , on the very low end $150 per sqft, but I would budget for $200 per sqft, which would put you at around $400,000.00 for a 2,000 sqft home.

@Dan Bernstein thanks for the information. My lead is in Falls Church so I think your estimate of $200/sq foot is accurate.

Hi Jack, Construction costs are totally dependent on quality of finishes whether contractor is self performing or outsourcing work. It is best to start with a good contractor and get a quote best upon your plans and specs.

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