Have some capital - where do I start?

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Hi have been lurking for a while but really need to step up my game. I live in Renton and am looking for deals 2 hours North or South of that area. Interested in SFR/MFR for buy and hold or flip with about $100,000 capital. I want to put as little of my own money down as possible and start acquiring some property for my portfolio but have been running numbers based on the inventory from MLS and nothing calculates out (used BRRRR and rental calculators). I checked Tacoma, Auburn, Kent, Renton, Olympia, etc.

What are your recommendations? Can you introduce me to local networks/meetings where I can find deals before it hits the MLS? Even willing to partner with someone to gain more knowledge.

I have a full time job that is pretty intense so trying to do this on the side is a little overwhelming but I just love talking real estate!  

Hi @Tiffany Tran

Welcome to BP! Fixated on Real Estate puts on a great meet up in Renton. I believe it is usually the third Wednesday of each month. The Cascadia Investor's Alliance (CIA) also hosts a meet up in Kirkland at the Wild Rover. Those are probably the closest in terms of proximity. Looking forward to connecting! 

Hi Tiffany, you have decided to enter the market at a pretty tough time for REI as a buyer-but you already know that. I would suggest you get familiar with Washington Landlords and attend a meeting or two along with your other activities. Good networking and lots of help with introductions. All the best!

Hey Tiffany,
Welcome to BiggerPockets. Have you looked into the Spokane area or is that to Far East from you? I have a new client that purchased a couple properties in the Tacoma area and have heard the market there or the properties if you will are extremely hit or miss. Long story short, I am currently looking in the Spokane area for mfr. 100k takes you so much further in this area. Take a look, shoot me a message if you have any questions.

Thank you

Hi @Tiffany Tran ,

Yes the Seattle metro area is one of the hottest markets in the country, and it is tough to get deals off the MLS right now. Like others have suggested, seek out networking opportunities with your local real estate investors associations and clubs-- there are a lot in your area.

I like what you are doing though, letting the community know you have capital, because the deals will find you!

Originally posted by @Andrew Hodgson :

I like what you are doing though, letting the community know you have capital, because the deals will find you!

 All the scammers and hustlers will also find her when they see she is a newbie with $100k cash.

@Tiffany Tran as a high paid professional I would recommend investing passively for cashflow. This is not whole selling or flipping houses. You left highest and best use is at your day job. Sorry... it’s not very fun but safe and what I did.

Wow such great responses from everyone here!  @Lane Kawaoka passive income is what I'm looking for in terms of real estate work.  I'd like to keep my day job and build passive income if I can.  

I also find real estate to be fascinating - so do what you love right?

@Tiffany Tran , One of my best clients and a very bright real estate investor is also a pharmacist like you.  And he's here on BP.  let's shout out to @Jason Kotsko .  You guys can talk Pharma and RE at the same time.  I think he'll tell you to be careful - RE is addictive!

@Tiffany Tran Hey! I offer probate leads in various counties. These are fresh leads of off market properties that you can utilize in mailing campaigns, etc. I might be able to help you source some leads, just depends on if records are digitally archived. What county are you looking to invest in?