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Hi all,

Ahead of tax season, do people have any highly-recommended CPAs / tax preparers in the Central Mississippi area that's familiar and up-to-date on real estate investing rules and tricks of the trade? If they also do real estate investing personally, that's an added bonus (further alignment). Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Honestly, I ordered all the publications and learned as much as I could, that way I know what decisions to make all year long and how to file most effectively.  

Thanks @Darron Stewart . That's one way to do if, particularly if you have the time. Also, depending on how much of one's net worth is tied up in real estate, it could be worth making the time even if you're crunched. Cheers.

I currently have three different biz’s and multiple streams, filing return is usually 44 pages.  Really feel no one can be on top of all that I do other than me, so it has been worth it in my opinion. 

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