Looking for knowledgeable broker for rental property.

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I have found a house that I and my husband like for rental in Birmingham, AL area. Our agent is not answering our texts and emails. We are looking for a knowledgeable agent who will help us pick out good houses for renting and we are also looking for a management company to manage it after we buy it. Suggestions would really really help. Thank you.

Hi Manisha,

If you've spent any time on Bigger Pockets, you'll know that two of the higher profile members are Jarrod Cook and J Benoit from Decas group. They are property managers and brokers, and I have been working with them in increasing degrees for the last year. In addition to the good advice they give here, I have found them to be very responsive, highly ethical, and very customer focused. They also have a new turnkey program that I think deserves consideration. 

Do give Jarrod a call. Their website is http://www.decasrealty.com.



I am an associate broker with Alabama Rental Managers in Birmingham, and I'm the business development executive. We manage nearly 1000 homes in the greater Birmingham area and we have several investor clients who we're able to assist in purchasing and managing their portfolio. We specialize in A & B houses. Our minimum rental rate is $800 up to over $4500. Currently our average rental rate is $1300

We even have a sister company that builds new construction (250-300 homes/yr) and about 15% of these homes are built for investors as rental properties.

I would be more than happy to help you! Feel free to contact me directly Through BP and be sure to visit alabamarentalmanagers.com

Try Steve McTyeire at New Location Realty. Steve, in addition having the fastest growing management company in Birmingham, teaches at the Avery Yarbrough Real Estate school.

The website is NewLocationRealty.com

Hey @Manisha Munikar , welcome to BP! Your post is a little old now, but I thought it worth a comment nonetheless.

 From your post it sounds like you are looking to partially manage your own investment...? Have you considered using turnkey? I see a few other outfits have mentioned that option, but it wasn't clear to me if that option was something you were looking at. Full disclosure, I am the CEO of Spartan Invest, a full service turnkey outfit in Bimingham. Since you are looking for both an agent and a PM, going the turnkey route may be a good move  as it removes the necessity of you of finding each member of your own team. 

As @Chad Maness and @Alan H. have pointed out, there are a number of solid providers in this town, so you'll have no shortage of suitors ;) Since your current agent is leaving you high and dry, my advice would be to take the opportunity to pick the collective BP hive mind and figure out exactly what type of investment suits you best.

Do you want to choose and manage your own portfolio of homes or just cut a check and generate passive income? Do you want to be involved in the refurb? What types of homes are you interested in? Single or multi family? What type of neighborhood? Are you looking for max cash flow or ROI and are you willing to invest in lower quality properties in C and D areas to get it or do you want that sweet spot combo of capital preservation and reliable cash flow in a solid B property? Not knowing how far you are in your research, you may have already answered many of these questions, but I would advise you to be very certain of what type of investment you want and take the time to build a relationship with a provider before jumping into anything.

Of course, By now you may have a tidy little portfolio going, who knows! If you're still looking at you options and have any questions about turnkey, Spartan, or theBirmingham market just give me a shout! 

All the best,