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What is the best online real estate school in Alabama where students can talk with instructors?

I did mark Yarbrough right there in BHam. I used his satellite class in Auburn. If you want to do it online you can, but I know a lot of people who have failed be of it. Online or not I recommend using That's what helped me pass it on the first try.

Thanks a lot ill look them up and check it out.

Good luck bud! The only other advice I would give, is that the exam is tricky. A lot of words that I have never heard before. Knowing the vocabulary will help you get pass their word play. 

@RoderickSmith I took Marks class also. He is good. Entertaining. I liked Marks format because it was at night, at a distance and I could communicate with him if needed. If you need to take online, I heard one Agent on here mention I just remember it was cheaper than being in class. You can go to AREC (Alabama Real Estate Commission) website to get some options of approved courses. Good luck!

Suggest live schools. You pay ~$5 to 600 but they focus on test questions. Once obtaining the license you get your money back from those who will sponsor your schooling after 1st transaction. C21 for example has in house school more than willing to give it back.

The tests are same from past years. Correct ans is not what you expect. The only tests are more straight forward. That is why online schools have most failing. Live school teach you how to pass the test even if you don't understand the questions.

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