What's the story on Youngtown?

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tl;dr Why are property taxes so high in Youngtown?

So I came across a 4-unit MF in Youngtown and the numbers were just okay but I hadn't seen any other MF so I started to dig a little bit. I get down to verifying taxes and they're a whopping $3k. It took me completely off guard. So much so that I re-verified the parcel ID and the tax search. 

So now I was curious about this and searched Youngtown taxes. Come to find out that Youngtown is having issues just staying up and running and that it used to not have a property tax at all. That's about as much as I was able to find.

So, can anyone fill me in on what's going on with Youngtown in general or why it's tax rate appears to be so high? Bonds?

Thanks in advance.

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