Metaverse Land Sydication

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Ok so this might sound crazy and it does have a lot of risk. People right now are looking for syndicators to pool money and buy properties in the Metaverse. The top two right now would be Decentraland and Sandbox. It’s similar to physical land in that there’s good locations, different sized plots, etc. You can even rent out your land to someone else for events or a longer term lease. Any one interested?

@Don Konipol

Prices are definitely high now but that’s when it’s a good time to learn the market and be ready when the downturn comes. I’ve been through a couple downturns and with a also comes an Amazon. I would never say it’s a for sure investment but worth a look.

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I remember when I thought it was crazy to call somebody on the phone with a camera, I thought it was futuristic and that my eyes may not see it happening, and now if you ask a kid if he thinks that is always amazing they would tell you that it is completely normal.
The generations that played videogames day and night are now grown ups, I see multimillionaires spending a lot of money on "Collectible Pokémon cards", and they are the same ones buying lands in the metaverse. Adidas, Gucci, SnoopDogg are already in there, I think this is really happening but it won't attract all the generations to it, however it is attracting millennials and Gen Z.
I think at this point there is very little information out there, the ones that are better informed are the ones making the big bucks, by the time that everybody realizes that this is multimillion "new" business, it will be too expensive to get it, just like many other trends.

My very humble opinion.

Here are the ones I’m watching: Decentraland, Sandbox, Somnium Space, and NetVRk.  They’re all on OpenSea for purchase except NetVRk which hasn’t launched yet.  I wouldn’t put any money in this that I was afraid to lose.