Bandit Signs in Utah

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Hello! I've searched around a bit and haven't been able to find a definite answer... Perhaps someone here can help me with this question. Are bandit signs legal in salt lake and utah counties in Utah? 

im not 100% sure, but in weber//davis counties, they will go out and remove your signs and throw them away. you will see some individuals put them out on Friday night and take them down on sunday night.

Each municipality has their own ordinances regarding signage of any sort.  That's where you'll find it.  The county ordinances will only apply to unincorporated areas.  Is that what you're asking?

In Logan, they will have none of it, even on private property with owner permission.  There is an exclusion for political signs.  They seem to have some staying power out in the country, but that doesn't make them legal.


I've had various responses over the years to my bandit signs in Weber and Davis counties. Syracuse city people will call you quickly if you attach to their utility poles, but if you put them on stakes they won't call. You will just lose them quickly. Clinton City gets mad if you put them even in the park strip. I have had houses for sale in Clinton, and had a police officer call me and tell me to remove my signs off city property. I have had to get permission from home/property owners to put my for sale signs with arrows leading to my houses.

The worst response I have had over the last few years is from Rocky Mountain power. They have a guy who will call you and act like he has a house for sale, find out who you are, then threaten big fines for attaching signs to their poles. I took them down the first time I got his call, but the last time I agreed to take them down, then didn't and nothing happened. If you use wire frames or 4' stakes they will leave you alone, but you will lose them if you don't take them down on Sunday night.

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