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I just got off the phone with a lady dealing with properties in probate she would like to liquidate.  They are located in Watts Los Angeles.  5 homes.  

I am looking for a Probate specialists and potentially looking to partner up with someone to purchase if it makes sense.  Any referrals would help. 

@Patrick Parry  

As you are no doubt aware, Watts is a unique area, but there are always buyers for houses at the right price.  I am a probate specialist, and although I am currently in the Portland Oregon area, I would welcome the opportunity to offer you help.

Before you get too far into this, you'd better figure out her current role. Is she the "person in charge" or is she some third party with a story?

If she has capacity, powers and authority as executor or administrator, then she can provide you a copy of probate Letters. You'll obviously need to determine whether she has full IAEA powers or if limited or special, court confirmation will be required (a whole 'nuther kettle of fish). 

Once you've confirmed these things yourself and have seen the properties in person, and have a plan, then you've got something to discuss. 

Be cautious of LA City housing, REAP program and code enforcement liens. 

@Rick H.  

thanks for the offer.  I will be in touch when I uncover more information

Hi Patrick,

I've focused on Probate in Los Angeles and am familiar with the process and hurdles it will require. If you still need some assistance I would be happy to help.

Hi @Patrick Parry  - I'm curious to know how you sourced that lead?

We're with Keller Williams (as is @Robert Crawford  ). It might be a good idea to put out a KW Alert so that you can find someone not only an expert in probate, but also understands the Watts market.

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