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Hey Folks, Data nerd here. Looking for as many publicly available (free) real estate data sets as I can get my hands on. I'm also interested in curated reports or data that may be related to the real estate market (Commercial info, sales in other markets, jobs reports, retail store locations). I'm currently working on merging or overlaying home value, rent, school ratings, state census info for fun. I'd love to take advantage of larger companies marketing and planning. I bet a company like Whole Foods is pretty sure an area is going to grow in population and/or income before they drop a new location.

Let me know if you're aware of any data sets like the ones I mentioned above. What do you use to do your research?      

Some MLS's will allow the general public to see their housing stats for the past couple months. You can check there for housing info.

@Colin Smith

Thanks for the heads up, Colin. I'll ask around to see if Massachusetts and Rhode Island MLS has some sort of API or downloadable report. Looking for good areas to start a buy and hold farm that have the potential for appreciation (not banking on it). It turns out that the HUD Homes site has a pretty good data set..

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