Adding Value to Mentor Relationships

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Hi All...please share some ways in which you've added value to a mentor relationship as a Mentee. As a mentee, what do you bring to the table and/or offer to your mentors to make their investment of time and other resources worth their while.

I have a mentorship contract with my RE broker.  The value I bring is in doing deals together, where he makes a percentage in addition to the mentoring fee I pay him.

You might try to offer something similar.

I started by going around to each project (rehab) and taking pictures each week so that he could have a weekly progress report. I also took all the returned mail and tried to find the owners phone numbers. And I just kept asking what else can I do for you? It paid off. Leave the ball in their court and ask what you can do to make their lives easier, and you will in turn learn more than you may think. Hope that helps!!

These are 2 great responses.  Experienced mentors are often not willing to meet and teach not because they are jerks or egotistical, but because they are stretched thin with responsibilities and can't afford to do that.  If the mentee offers help or some other benefit, it can create a win-win situation.

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