Progressing to the next level

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Im just over 2 years in the buissness. On my 14th deal. I have 4 projects running at a time. I use hard money for 95% of the costs, I typically only put in what Ive underestimated. Im on my 13th flip and have 1 rental (12% interest only) I am in the process of paying down debt to get a better refinancing rate and was kicking around the idea of selling my primary after getting approved for a bigger house for my wife and 2 boys, and then selling my primary to pay off my rental with the equity, firing property managment and collecting $1200/mo rent. Anyway Ive had my head kicked in 14 different ways and am starting to master a good portion of the flipping buisness, Im now a jack of all trades. I feel as now its time to take it to the next level and find my own deals as I have been primarily buying from wholesalers. I have a good network but I feel it could be better, Im in a hot market but the wholesalers are starting to really make alot of money without touching the properties and I feel I got the DIY experience I was looking for so Im now writing my own letters and about to start mailing them out today and Ive also looked into some online back office autopilot software that claims to generate leads for a monthly fee. Also Ive started to write my first book. Bigger Pockets Podcasts are 2nd to the Bible in my opinion and Im seeking some innovative opinions on where I might go next as to say Virtual assistants?, software or letters ?or most likely both? Portfolio lenders? Publishers? Hold my primary residence for a rental? Mentoring? All of the above? Etc.. Im starting to feel comfortable being uncomfortable and have had some pretty significant pitfalls but I always come out in the possitive through sweat equity and high demmand. Any feedback on my status would be helpful to me and Im sure many others on here.

There's multitasking, and there's chaos...what you just wrote is what I would describe as chaos.

The first thing you need to do is to realize your time is the most valuable asset you have. Don't waste it being a PM, or doing your own rehab. If you want to expand to the next level, it will demand more of your time doing things REI must do at those levels. You are at Level 1 out of at least 10 right now. Your Level 1 may seem higher, but you appear to be just doing a lot of things at Level 1.

Delegate.  This will compound your time.  Set up systems much like a production line.  Take smaller % of more assets.  Manage the assets.

I could not agree more with what Joe said. I use to do all the deal hunting, research, swinging the hammer, screening tenants, property management, daily maintenance/inspections ect. In the last few years I started delegating those task and it frees up a lot of time to do stuff that your employees or subcontractors cant do. It takes a little from your profit, however it allows you to get more accomplished faster which in turn can make you about the same or more money in the long run.