So I made a post recently. I bought a home, with full intentions of living there. I have moved in, and have stayed there. I have encountered many different problems, and I believe the neighboring home is a drug house. I have called the police multiple times. And I've asked for an occupancy waiver from my lender, I have a good feeling that they don't care about my comfortability and they are going to deny it. I do not feel safe here. If I were to refinance into an investment loan, would I have to make up the difference in down payment, and pay for closing costs and an appraisal? Im trying to do this legally, the right way. As of now im sticking it out, but every night there is yelling, ALL kinds of traffic, and I'm their pitbulls walk outside with no leashes, and it scares the heck out of me. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.