New Jersey Real Estate Investing

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Hello Bigger Pockets Community!

My name is Ryan and live in the Monmouth County Area in New Jersey. I see a lot of talk on the forums about other locations and was wondering if anyone was/is an investor in my area?

I have been hired by a company to build a Real Estate business comprised of mostly multi family long term investing. But still open to doing flips as well when the deal is right.

I am looking to build a network of investors, agents, brokers and mentors in order to gain knowledge and build a thriving ecosystem. I, myself am a licensed NJ agent as well as having a degree in Real Estate and Finance.

If anyone can share some thoughts, some ideas or experiences it would be great appreciated! To all out there, Happy Deal Hunting!

Thank you in advance,


@Ryan Faber It is always great to meet other local investors.  You obviously can look at bank owned properties.  

The firm I work for Home Alliance Realty we specialize it in the 5 counties in NJ. Also try to meet wholesalers out there.  

Also I would start going to local REI events.

I am helping to run the SJREIA this month in Ocean County Sub Group it is next week.  Their also a lot of events this week too check the calendar.

Also thier other events I attend to network

 Jon Steingraber puts on an excellent meetup

Kyle Jasey  runs just a networking group in Asbury Park

Hope this helps.  Let me know if their anything I can do to help.