Value add using tiny homes to Multifamily

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Has anyone used tiny homes to add to multifamily properties where zoning allows? Looking for any solutions around utilities specifically, and other great innovations you've used. Thanks! 


Thank you, those help a lot. It seems the simplest solution is self-sustained units rather than running utilities from the main house. Especially if you're doing 'short term' Airbnb type strategy. 

@Keaton Lynn - An ADU off grid, I don't think is an option where I am.

Getting a separate meter here for electric isn't too hard if you go thru the inspections.  Running circuits to a subpanel might avoid inspections but it wouldn't be any cheaper.  A solar array would be the most expensive route here. 

Plumbing supply would have to come off the main line here.  I've submetered before but the meter never gets read so what's the point, eh?  I think there are wifi/celluar meters now.  However, estimating water usage is probably best from my perspective.  A separate water meter is very expensive and takes a very long time.

Sewer is the same as above.  No metering opportunity or need.  Composting toilet doesn't seem to work well in short-term rentals, too stinky.

@rick baggenstoss thanks for your value, especially with the toilets. Nobody wants that ha. I do think that it varies depending on the property just like anything. I'm looking long term too, if city legislation changes in the future, I would probably want them sub-metered so I don't have to put up utility costs. But at the same time, what you're saying makes complete sense and is definitely the cheaper option.