Angelino's investing in STL

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I am looking for other people who live in Los Angeles and invest in St. Louis. I started there about 4 years ago and have 6 doors. Would love to know people in my area doing the same thing so we can meet for coffee once a month to exchange ideas.


Hi Daniel,

I wish I would have started there 4 years ago!  Just bought a property a year ago across from the Botanical Gardens. Coffee would be great! I'm in Sherman Oaks.

Hi Daniel, currently I don't have any doors in STL, but I used live in STL from 96-03, I know the city very well, I did my first flip in STL and used to own a couple doors in 63109 zip but I sold them 2 years. I do plan on investing there again in the near future.. Would be great to meet up for a cup of coffee, let me know when your first meeting is? 

Hi Daniel, 

We bought a duplex and a 4plex earlier this year in STL and are just about to finish a complete renovation on the duplex. We live in Toluca Lake and would be interested in meeting up.

Paul and Tabitha