How's the Redondo Beach, CA flipping market?

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Anybody with experience in the area flipping properties?

We're looking at a SFR fixer deal about 2.6 miles to the beach, needs updating will delivered vacant.

Has un-permitted addition, once permitted will add 230 extra square feet to this 2 / 1 property converting it in a 3/1.

Better area to flip is San Pedro. Undervalued coastal property and about 1billion investment in multifamily projects being built in the next 3 years. Houses can be bought in the 400K range and no doubt can be flipped for 600 to 700 or more

@EduardoSlesaransky - is the medial (or Medi-Cal) lien an issue with the DCHS? or is it a private lien?  Also, are you purchasing from that same party i.e. the one who has the medical lien? I'm a 

Trust attorney and deal with these issues with some regularity

Hi @Matthew Yu ,

Sorry for the long reply.

The lien was from a previous title holder of the property who quit claimed it to the current seller, and she passed away and passed along the lien to the seller, unbeknown to her.

Fortunately transaction closed.

Thank you!