Seeking Short Term Rental (STR) Cleaning Service

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Looking for a cleaning service that will integrate with my Airbnb calendar, such that they are automatically notified of near-term bookings or cancelations.  Must either take my linens off-site to clean & return or allow me to rent linens.  

Anyone have a company they'd recommend?

Updated almost 3 years ago

Property is located in SD (North Park).

Hey @Brent Blum you can always sign up for Smartbnb and set up email alerts to anyone you want and hire a Craigslist 1099 contractor if it is just one or a few properties.  I've got a craigslist ad I can send you if you'd like just shoot me a PM.  

My main cleaning contractor hires subcontractors, etc through HomeAdvisor. They seem somewhat more verified there. I use the TeamUp app calendar (its free and mobile friendly and I can restrict who sees what). One of the paid subscription features of TeamUp says it can integrate with iCal and Outlook, etc. I've been kinda cheap and wanting to pay for it right now, but might be a good option to consider. The cleaning people can all upload the TeamUp app link calendar on their phone for free and check the schedule.  

@Brent Blum I am also looking for one. 

I tried , but I was not really happy with the cleaning they did. They also do not have customer service. They communicate through email only. 

 I have heard good things about . The service syncs with your airbnb schedule (other platforms are available) and it seems to be cheaper than Again, I have not used it personally. If you do end up trying them, let me know your feedback.