Need suggestions for Mortgage lenders.

3 Replies | San Jose, California

Property type: new construction condominium style townhouse

Builder: Trumark

Location: San Jose Downtown(near San Pedro market).

Zip code: 95110

Closing date: Approx 2018 December

Planned down payment: 10 percent

Given that I am only willing to put down 10% down payment for townhouse property, 

1. Can I get suggestions for mortgage lenders who would be willing to lend and offer best interest rates.??

2. And what is the realistic rate that I should be expecting to pay (good credit score, family income of $22000, 30 months reserve).

Note :- I already have the preferred lender of the community as a last resort option for 10% down. But the lender is quoting high interest rates. Hence, I am looking for other lenders.

Thanks in advance for the help.!!

Hi @Naveen G. , the lender I use the most in south bay is Colleen Loop at Opes. BP will not allow me to post phone number or email but if you msg me I can forward that to you.

Local lenders will have a little bit higher rates but better service and local knowledge. If you want purely the lowest rate you can shop around w/ Quicken or the big banks.

@Chris Mason is your guy. He has funded several loans for me, and many other individuals on BP. He is the most knowledgeable and professional lender I've worked with, and truly cares for his clients' success.