Need a contractor recommendation for a flip in Sacramento

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Hello all,

I am a full time rehabber/flipper in San Diego, I have a solid deal come across my desk that is located in Sacramento.  I lived in Sacramento for a bit while growing up and have been eager to to a deal up there as I feel I know the market/area fairly well for living in San Diego.  I have the property under contract and will be closing on it next week,  I got a line item bid back from a local GC and it is across the board higher then what I am accustomed to paying for my flips in San Diego.  For example- this is a 1223 square foot house and he quoted me $15k for a new roof.   That is almost double what I am paying for a new roof of the same size in San Diego.   Would love a referral or recommendation from a local in the trenches.  


As of right now, one of my crews from San Diego might end up making the trek up north and handle it, not ideal.  I would love a local referral if you have one.

Hello. I have a contractor in the Sacramento area if you are in need now or will be in the future. Let me know and I'll send you some contact info.

Best, Serena

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