Land flippers in the East Bay?

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Hi East Bay Peeps. Just starting land investing and wondering if anyone else in the East Bay is doing it too. Did you you start with California counties or go further afield?



Hi Claire,

I'm also a new investor.  In my past 3 houses I did a buy & hold approach successfully, so I'll probably stay with that method.  Based on experience and what I've read, staying close to home where you can be very certain of neigbhorhoods and values is a good idea.

Good luck, and if you're going to any local meetups, give me a holler.  Best, Dina

Hi Claire, my name is Jason and I live in the Central Valley near Modesto I see your doing land deals. I was wondering what do you think of land academy? I've been searching for an investing strategy and the land biz has peaked my interest. Could you share with me a little about your experience so far? Good, bad, or otherwise would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time!

Sincerely, Jason

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