looking for a investor-friendly east bay agent

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hi there–

i've spoken to a few agents with limited investment experience and haven't really been satisfied up until this point. can anyone recommend an east bay (richmond, el sobrante, hayward, san leandro) real estate agent with investment experience. i'm generally looking at buy-and-hold, single family, investing.

any leads would be greatly appreciated. 

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@Ari Archer, any chance you are you looking for someone to shadow you a few days a week? I recently moved back to CA from NY, where I was a real estate agent.  I also have academic experience in real estate investment and construction, so I'm sure I could bring something to the table.  

@Brian Garlington Thank you so much for the recommendation! 

Hi @Ari Archer . As Brian mentioned, I am Broker/Realtor based in Oakland.  My family and I have been investing and working with other investors/investment groups in the Oakland area for almost 40 years.  If you ever have any questions or need assistance in the Bay Area, please feel free to reach out to me.  

Hi @Ari Archer , Sounds like you've got a few good recommendations and any of them would work for you.  Just wanted to add my two cents. I've been investing in the East Bay for a little over a year now and couldn't do it without @Ryan Landis .  An investor himself, he's the best realtor I've ever worked with.  He's got a background in finance, in addition to his years investing and brokering, so he really ties everything together.   Good luck!

Originally posted by @Ryan Landis :

@Brent Tarnow thanks! 


What do you agents think of this Richmond rent control stuff


It's been spreading like wild fire.  It looks good on paper for a year or so for renters. But over many years it negatively impacts communities-