Orange County Networking

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Hi All,

I just moved to Orange County (Costa Mesa specifically) in July and am working for a direct lender in Santa Ana. I would love to make more connections in the real estate industry in the area. I know there is a group on meetup and I hope to make it to one soon, but if anyone would like to meet one on one to chat about how we could refer clients to each other and support each other I'd love to!

Hey, I'm new to BiggerPockets! I'm a independent Broker in south Orange County looking to expand my network as well! I don't know how to private message yet... anyone can't find me on Linked In: Robert Di Bella (California Home Access).

@Tamara Manson Welcome! Their is a lot to observe here. What a great website to be a part of. I help and show people how to use some of their savings to create streams of income. All of my multi-family units are in Indianapolis. I also host cashflow 101 board games in Orange, CA. Would be happy to chat/meet! Talk soon 

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