Hows the occupancy rate in Stockton?

2 Replies

I've seen some pretty good deals in Stockton, but I don't know how hard it is to keep or find tenants. 

I know UOP and a CSU have a campus there,  so I figured I can at least rent to some college students. 

Any thoughts on the area? 

Vacancy rate is a somewhere around 4% - 4.5%. As far as the area , it’s fairly mixed with good , bad and average. It’s really dependent on what  type of properties your looking for. Homes in and around the Lincoln School district are on the higher end due to the area and strength of the school district .

There are some great Condos, perfect for the College Student life.  With 2 or 4 year degree students you can have steady tenant flow.  I have helped 2 investors find Condos in the nicer areas and they have had no issues keeping their Condos occupied with a tenant.

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